Protect your inbox (5): Dispose of yourself

«Vieanna» © Ian Woods«Vieanna» © Ian WoodsHere's a disclaimer: I wrote this posting because I'm fed up with spammers, telemarketers and nosy companies that try to squeeze out each and every bit of information they can get from me, be it for resale, preparing unsolicited phone calls or mailing me their boring newsletters.

This article is for you if you feel the same. If you're looking for support in becoming Mr Fraud, please go away. And when you've read this posting, stay aware that everything mentioned here is available to everybody, and there is always somebody who may or even will try to use it against you. I recommend visiting the Digital Identity Forum for more thorough discussions of identity issues that go beyond practical aspects.

The fifth part of this mini series on protecting your inbox shows you how to maintain temporary inboxes that yo can dispose of at any time, whenever they start getting abused.  »

My favorite 5 personal development blogs

Priscilla Palmer tagged me to contribute a list of my top 5 favorite personal development blogs to her Personal Development List. Her list is already very comprehensive and I've found several pointers to great sites I did not know yet.

Well then, here's my list:

  • Problogger, by Darren Rowse
    Darren is blogging about - blogging. Doesn't sound like «personal development»? It is, due to his laid back, factual style of writing that is skipping the common hard selling lingo.
  • zen habits, by Leo Babauta
    Leo is a father of six, a busy guy and a phenomenal blogger. I wonder how he manages to get that many high quality postings per week out of the door. One day, I may discover that secret...
  • Made to Be Great, by Alan Torres
    For a moment, forget that worn out and ironic appeal of the word and let me say that Alan is nice, really. Besides his own insightful postings, he compiles the Made to Be Great Personal Development Carnival.
  • Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog
    Steve's site contains a tremendous wealth of articles. His style is energetic and straightforward, almost like a steamroller. You may not like everything he writes, but everything is genuine, for sure.
  • The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin
    In short, Gretchen is about the only blogger I know who can post both about household chores as well as about sex tips - and not lose credibility.

That's it, for now. Google Reader tells my that I'm subscribed to about 100 feeds now, so take this list with a grain of salt.

[2007-09-05 Update: Priscilla's List has stabilized meanwhile, so here it is:

and these collaborated sites: